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Hidden Security Features

An essential component of Ultra-Luxury Homes are hidden security features that are designed into the architecture of the residence. Done well, it  discreetly blends into the background; present, but not noticeable. Bison’s standard security features allow owners and their guests to have a wel coming and peaceful environment with the confidence that their family and assets are behind an invisible shield of protection.  Alarm systems are passive, and merely let people know that there are valuables inside worth guarding. Bison’s hidden security features are active.  The difference between passive and active protection is similar to the difference between a whistle and a gun.  

  • Windows and Doors
    The most vulnerable points of entry in any home are the windows and doors. Windows available to builders in the US are easily broken, with forced entry into a home happening in a matter of seconds. Bison has windows custom made and imported with high security features that make them virtually impenetrable. Also available is ballistic glass for an additional layer of protection. Sometimes clients ask for those in key areas where there may be line of sight, or easier to access areas around the perimeter of the home.
  • Heavy Steel and Concrete Frame
    If you were to study the world’s finest residences, they all have a concrete and steel frame. Concrete and steel have two distinct advantages over wood. First, this system allows you to have incredible open spans and design features that aren’t possible with wood. Second, this construction method has inherent security benefits. Good luck trying to drive a car through a concrete wall.
  • Armored Garage Doors
    One of the easiest access points into a home is the garage door. People will invest large sums of time and capital into a dream home, yet forget that an aluminum garage door isn’t much more than a thin aluminum skin. Bison custom designs their own steel frame garage doors. On the exterior, they are clad with ballistic polycarbonate panels that are virtually unbreakable. On the interior, metal armor plating is an option that can resist up to NATO 7.62mm rounds. Often times clients will have automobile collections that exceed the purchase price of the home. An armored garage door is a wise investment for anyone with car collections, or a desire for enhanced security.
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